Randy Burghardt


Coming off of a small farm near Fedora, SD at 14 years old, Randy Burghardt knew he was to be playing and writing music. He started off in a band at Howard High School called The MidWest Rebels. After a good seven year run with them, Randy decided to go for his solo career. He kicked it off with a four track acoustic EP with, and got his own band going playing as far as Sioux Falls, SD to the Black Hills. In 2012, Randy moved out to Cheyenne, WY, expanding his fan reach out as far as South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Currently working on his second album with Producer Gary Snow, he is promising this album will blow the doors open and people will enjoy his style of Country Western music. Let the Gate Open Wide!!


Phone: 308-991-6457

Email: pbourelle35@gmail.com

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