Mike Donnell


Agent: Paula Bourelle

Mike was born and raised in Houston, TX and he put his love for music on hold and joined the Marines straight out of high school in 2002. Music had always been his passion but it wasn’t until he found a guitar in a house taken over by U.S. forces in Iraq that he really started to develop his skills.  Since then, Mike-AKA “Sgt Donnell” has gone from pickin’ and singing with his Marine buddies overseas, to selling out Venues and charting on regional radio.  His music is full of passion, grit, and real life experiences.  Along with the vocal ability to raise the hair on your arms, his performances are high energy and always a good time. 

Accompanied by like minded musicians, Adrian STX-Bass, Nelson Baradat-Lead Guitar, Jonathan Polanco-Drums, and Marcus Soulo-Rhythm guitar, this band is known for their energetic performances and high caliber musicianship.  Their recent release “The Vier Volume 1” is available everywhere now.


Phone: 308-991-6457

Email: pbourelle@bourellebookingagency.com

Website: www.MikeDonnellMusic.com

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