About the Agency


Bourelle Productions Booking Agency, LLC was formed Jan 1, 2012 with 2 artists on the roster. Soon more artists were requesting to be represented and the quest for agents was started! In the past 9 years now we have done a lot of growing and expanding. 


Bourelle Productions Booking Agency Artists

The lives of performing artists depend on booking, representation, and tour management. These services are not always easy to come by, particularly for new and emerging artists.  We at Bourelle Productions Booking Agency help aspiring artists, as well as more established groups, find an effective way of marketing themselves. We are committed to helping you succeed.


Bourelle Productions Booking Agency Booking Agents

Take a look at our artists roster and contact one of our booking agents to discuss your event. Representing the best artists is what we do. Connecting them to you is the fun part.

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